Random thoughts

I remember I used to think in English when I lived as a kid in the US. I wish I had some of that back. I wish I could still speak like that. When I came back to Argentina, it wasn’t as if I picked up Spanish and became great at both languages. I always remained a bit weird in Spanish, thinking I knew a greater vocabulary than I actually knew. 

As for my perfect American English, I was bullied out of it by a bunch of idiot kids who I still call my friends to this day. None of us knew any better.

I continuously email developers to ask for features but many times just to say how much I’m enjoying their app. I think this does something and brings something nice into the world. As time goes by, I think I’m increasingly incorrect about this.

A recent tweet made me a bit self-conscious about word order in English. (Does it show that I’m not native?). At the same time, fuck that. English is now owned post-colonially by the World and not by any country. Long live post-pidgin English. English is dead, long live Global English.

If everybody in the world speaks English with a different accent… how is that an accent? How is that a specific type of English?

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