• Process without production

    I’m amazed by how much I’m drawn to throwing myself onto the bed and just scrolling my phone. Not actually reading anything, although I definitely could on Omnivore or lire. Not even engaging with anything on Instagram. And not even looking at videos on TikTok. No, just brainless and braindead activity of jumping between apps,… (…)

  • Tech and Love OR Love Tech

    The interesting thing about being single (again 😩) and into tech is that you get to explore that very intimate overlap of culture and technology: dating apps. Not only the UX/UI side of things but the existing contemporary culture of intimacy and its trends. For example, in Buenos Aires, where I’m currently physically and digitally… (…)

  • On judging

    I judge too much. That’s not a good look. (See? There, I did it again: why is that a ‘look’?). It’s not nice. It’s not cool. I judge myself the harshest, of course. Anybody who judges themselves knows this. Anybody who judges anybody knows this. Maybe a good technique or exercise is for strive to… (…)

  • She did text in the end. But the only thing that’s worse than them not texting is texting something that nicely agrees to your proposal but with no wording of real follow-up and then a typed emoji to signify the end of the conversation. Id est the end of the projected fantasy of a pure… (…)

  • She’s just not that into you

    The omen that is the algorithm that dictates the presence and absence of everything we see, surfaced for me the famous clip from Sex and the City. At a girl’s dinner, Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda discuss why Miranda’s date didn’t want to come up to her apartment the night before. Berger is there, the writer… (…)

  • On living and other activities

    I’m designing a bit of a reading workflow. I find the morning more conducive to want to ingest a dangerous amount of material: diving into my RSS app (lire) and just saving articles like crazy to my read later app (Omnivore). Then queuing, i.e. downloading, podcast episodes onto my podcast app (surprisingly Castro after years… (…)

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