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These are a few apps I like. Some are referral links so if you use them, you’re helping me out (not money-wise, just getting discounts on these apps).


Shortwave: the best Gmail client I’ve ever used.

Perplexity: honestly I find this the most useful GenAI servce of the post-ChatGPT world.

Notion: I used it more before, now not so much but always come back to it when I need a blank canvas to just… think.

Kagi: no referral, wish there was. Such a great search experience.

lire: currently preferred RSS app. I used to be a Reeder diehard fan (actually still am) while I wait for the mythical Silvio Rizzi to come out of his coding Swiss chalet to deliver his new app, I will continue to use lire.

Omnivore: the best read-it-later app by far.

Obsidian: simple and great. Immediate markdown processing visibility which is always good for writing.

Castro: my currently preferred podcast app which is a bit heartbreaking because I was always a fan of PocketCasts.

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